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Centro Educação Alternativa Santa Isabel

Project 7  September 2009 CEASI, purchase of 2 parcels of adjacent land:  Amount 58,500 €

The land for the original CEASI project was donated by a friend of ASSI in 2007.    Shortly thereafter, Accademia provided further funds to acquire land adjacent to this original plot of land and to build a house for a caretaker.  In 2008, a second tranche of funds were raised and granted to ASSI to fund the purchase of the land marked in green on the plan below.   An outdoor recreation sports court was constructed.  This second plot of land also benefits from an existing house that was refurbished and now provides rental income to ASSI.

PROJECT 7 CEASI Building of a recreation ground - purchase of 2 parcels of land and house Sep2009 EUR 58,412 Photo 1